“Points were fantastic in guiding us towards
a meaningful and visually interesting identity,
which was instrumental in the success of our
project. YABS was fully booked for the first
two years with a waiting list for the third year.
Since then, we've run six sold out events.”
Anthony Smithson – York Antiquarian Book Seminar
The York Antiquarian Book Seminar (YABS) is the brainchild of antiquarian book dealer Anthony Smithson. After attending a similar event in the USA, he believed a three-day seminar could help transform the British antiquarian book trade by inspiring and educating a younger generation of booksellers.
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The story behind YABS
YABS had industry support from a motley crew of book dealers willing to share their collective knowledge and experiences. However, the long-term viability of YABS hinged on the success of the first event. As one would expect, the antiquarian book trade moves at a gentle pace. For there to be a second event, YABS would need funding and support from all the major trade bodies.
Getting people to dog-ear the event
YABS approached us to help bring their vision to life. They were looking for a creative partner to create a brand identity and marketing campaign that would generate footfall. Since no brand existed at this stage, we began by creating the narrative and identity – meticulously crafting everything from the logo and colour palette through to the bones of how we explain what YABS is. The campaign needed to appeal to long-established institutions and authorities while also standing out and being cost-effective to update on an annual basis.

Our research led us to the Faber and Faber archives. The archive offered some wonderful aesthetic inspiration, helping us arrive at a brand identity and campaign that is both fresh, and familiar. With colour schemes derived by the Greeks from the glands of shellfish and the Aubusson tapestries of the 17th century, it’s a distinctively modern approach yet evokes a feeling of historical significance. The result was a delicate balance between establishing the seminar as an authority within the book trade, while capturing a modern aesthetic rather than drawing on faux heritage.

The design was subsequently applied across all print and digital touchpoints – from student packs, stationery, t-shirts, marketing collateral and website.
Bookworms of the world unite and take (York) over
YABS was fully booked from day one. What started out as a concept event turned into a seven-year run. Aside from a break in 2020, YABS enjoyed six sold out events – all with annual waiting lists. Our brand system enabled the faculty to keep their annual design costs low and build awareness around the consistency of the brand to great success.

YABS returned once again in the autumn of 2021. With all spaces filled before tickets even went on sale, the continued success of the event has given the YABS the confidence to plan a new campaign refresh to prepare them for the next chapter of growth.
What we did
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Maintenance
Logo Design
Marketing Collateral
Motion Graphics
Print Design and Production
Project Management
Environmental Graphics
Website Design
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Logo Design
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Flyer 2021
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Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Flyer Cover Back
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Design Name Card
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Letterhead
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Stationery Compslip
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Website Ipad
Points Projects Yabs Brand Identity Campaign Tshirt
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