“Kevin has quickly become a critical thought partner
to my team at Sundial. We are so grateful that
we chose Kevin to help us build our brand and
our voice as an organisation. We’ll be keeping him
close as we grow and develop.”
Andy Kelly – Founder / CEO
Pound for pound, Sundial are big hitters in the performance coaching and team development game. A global team with an impressive reach for their size, they have worked with senior sales teams at the likes of Amazon, Google, LinkedIn and NetApp. By carving out a unique position in the market, Sundial’s reputation had outgrown their existing brand identity and website.
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With big wins come new challenges
Sundial’s growth had led to a disconnect. For a small team delivering this level of success demands resources, leaving scant time for self reflection. Over a prolonged period, the proliferation of small everyday frustrations with brand assets start to reveal the limitations of a brand’s identity. Their expertise, experience and reputation had grown exponentially but their brand identity had remained rooted to the spot. What had once served them well was now selling them short. It reflected who they were, not who they’ve become or where they are headed and became a source of frustration internally, and a source of confusion externally.
Hitting the gym (cue epic training montage sequence)
Teaming up with brand writer and long time sparring partner Seth Rowden, we began with a deep discovery stage, talking to both the core and extended team. Sundial quickly trusted the process and understood the value in this foundational stage. These conversations unearthed many insights and led to rewarding workshops that provided us with a clear framework on which to sculpt their visual and verbal identities.

Once we started ‘bulking up’ the visual identity, we sought out a graphic device that could bring a memorable uniqueness to the overall identity. The idea was to use an organic ‘rubber band’ as a metaphor to describe how they bring teams together and also how team dynamics are constantly changing. Although abstract in nature, it captured a number of strategic themes that bubbled up in discovery and were being weaved into the verbal identity. This symbol soon became an integral part of the brand’s new identity.

We then brought on talented motion designer Tara Peak and true web development heavyweights Designers’ Friend to deliver an almighty one-two combination. Tara absorbed Sundial’s energy and personality, landing a dynamic logo treatment and following up with some fun animated assets. Designers’ Friend then brought the fire, delivering the knockout blow with a site that’s beautiful and mesmerising.
The final bell
We’re proud to have created a memorable and engaging brand identity to support Sundial on the next stage of their growth. The end result has helped to set them apart from others in their space and communicate the impact and value they bring to clients. The new brand identity also helped to align their team around a bold vision for the future and give them the strategic assets needed to continue their winning streak.
The reviews are in
"Thanks to Kevin's expertise and challenging approach, we were able to achieve a brand transformation that not only met but exceeded our expectations.

What truly stood out was Kevin's investment in understanding our brand and his originality. It was evident that he had taken the time to thoroughly research and familiarise himself with our business, allowing him to quickly grasp our needs and objectives. His ability to translate this knowledge into a fresh, dynamic brand identity was nothing short of impressive."

– Ingrida Udras / Chief fo Staff
Assembled Team
Verbal Identity & strategy partner :: Seth Rowden
Motion Design :: Tara Peak
Website Development :: Designers’ Friend
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